Wednesday, October 3, 2007

thanks for the tip (2)

All right, I know I already posted about my company's computer "tip of the week" a short while ago. I find it hard to tire of these tips though, and this week's is a gem of a different kind. Keep in mind, again, that the language of business in my company is English.

This one is not only difficult to understand; it also most definitely does not meet the goal of the tip of the week, which is to save computer users time. I love the last line; it's like the writer desperately wanted to give us all good advice, but then suddenly gives up. Here's how it reads:

It must be frustrating to receive incorrect emails on a regular basis. I believe problem is a result of a few things:

  • First someone sends an email without properly checking with the Global Address Book to ensure they have the correct email address. As a result, their email gets sent to the incorrect address
  • If this email is then forwarded or replied to by someone else, then they also end up an incorrect email.
  • This then gets perpetuated, and people now have the incorrect email address showing up through the “automatic name checking and completion” feature used in the “To:” field in their Outlook.
  • This means that the next time that person types in the name in the To: field, the incorrect email address up again, the email gets sent to the wrong person, and the problem just continues.
  • For the first point, a person should be following good email practice to ensure they have the right email address. There is not much that can be done to ensure this happens.


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