Sunday, October 28, 2007

do i live with the amish?

Sunday mornings are long run mornings. I'm not training for anything right now, but I still submit myself to the pain and exhaustion. Because Sunday runs are slow, and because I'm trying to follow John Stanton's 10:1 training, I get to see a lot of early morning city life. I love that.

I'm not one of those runners who can polish off 15 kms and look like it was a walk around the block. I sweat. My high school cross country coach used to say that women don't sweat, they glow. Well, I glow a lot.

Toward the end of a long run, my wrist sweat bands give out and I end up with sweat streaming down my face and nothing to mop it up. Today this was particularly bad and at one point I stopped and mopped my brow with the bottom of my shirt (which had not quite reached full sweat submersion). I think my stomach was uncovered for about three seconds.

Well, this woman yelled after me, "There's no need to be naked in public, you know." I turned around to see if she was joking and there was a look of disgust on her face.

OK. The uncovering did not go beyond my stomach and even if it had, I was wearing a full-on sports bra. I don't have any strange deformities. I don't have any flashy piercings (at least not on my stomach). I also don't have any crazy tattoos. Three seconds, people.

Are people really this prudish?



SunnyShine note: She obviously doesn't know that it is legal for women to walk around topless here. You should try that next time.

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Emory said...

Nope! But they can really get that jealous, and thus, catty!