Monday, October 22, 2007

here's one for fellow grammarian

Check out this shining specimen of signage, from a parking lot I frequented this weekend.

There is no other way I can explain the superfluous question mark on the second bullet other than: Definitely take your ticket with you, and maybe pay before returning to your car. Or maybe not.

Or do you think maybe the sign maker was trying to be polite by adding the question mark?



Fellow grammarian said...

FOFL!! Thanks for thinking of me!

You just have to shake your head sometimes, and wonder where it will all end. No one seems to care anymore...

Emory said...

it wills neber ent, yo! Cuz it ain't gots no begin'in, si.

Whats u wannin iz mo la'in, liks dem spanic's. Whos can sinz but not speeks, reeds, but not rites.

complain away said...

Maybe you should make that into a sign and post it somewhere.