Wednesday, October 31, 2007

i never tire of these stories

I sure love me some after-dinner hypocrisy. Well, it seems that yet another straight, married gay Republican has fallen out of the closet. It must be pretty crowded in there. At first, he claimed that he was being extorted while trying to 'help somebody out'. Yeah, ok. Help him out of his pants perhaps. (aside: Did you look at his picture? Don't tell me you can't picture him in a pair of chaps and a leather vest with a few chains around his neck. You can, can't you? hee.)

Anyhoo....imagine my surprise (cough) when it turned out that he was having sex with this guy after all. He, of course, voted down any gay rights bill that passed by him. This self-hatred is really astounding to me.

I think we need to have a PSA for gay republicans. It's OK. Feel free to live life how you want. You don't have to marry a woman and parade around like Mr. Straightguy. Embrace your real self and start using words like fabulous and chartreuse. Think of the all the fun you'll have buying manbags and going for a mani/pedi. Come on, you know you want to. Work it girl.



Complaint Department Manager said...

I just got through seeing the story on CNN. On his govt web page, he has submitted his resignation over this. This was in Spokane, my old stomping grounds.

I also don't know what is more disturbing, another hypocrite republican, or the thought of this guy in butt floss.

Emory said...

Ur ... Toga check. It may not be disturbing to all, but it is very unsavory to most.