Friday, October 5, 2007

elimiDATE can eliminate a second date

Like a lunar eclipse or a sighting of Halley's Comet, I meet a guy I deem worthy of a date only extremely rarely. But for the last few weeks I've been having a little email flirtation with a cute boy from out of town, and the emails turned into a date on Tuesday. And the date was a winner. Said cute boy was suitably charming. Potential was definitely there for second date, etc.

Before you stop reading, thinking this is turning into one of those mushy-girl-raving-about-cute-boy posts, let me just cut to the chase: potential blew up in flames today. You see, said cute boy said he had a "funny story" about the "unique experience" he had while a contestant on the show ElimiDATE five years ago.

Now, if he had:
a. told me this story as something he had done when younger and stupid (a la "I can't believe I did that")
b. told me that he had been on a reality tv show without the same shkank factor, e.g. The Dating Game or The Amazing Race or even Survivor,

I'm sure I would have been OK with it. But ElimiDATE?! I am having a tough time trying to think of anything more demeaning.

When I confronted cute boy and told him how I felt, he freaked a bit and said that I was attacking his character (to which I responded that I have no issue with being friends with someone who was on the show; I just don't want to date someone who doesn't understand my issue with it). According to him, I jumped to conclusions based on what the show is like now; he says that at the beginning of the series it was a lot more like The Love Connection than what I'm imagining.

So this weekend I'm going to review some of the early episodes of ElimiDATE, just to be fair. I have a hunch none of it will remind me of Chuck Woolery. We may need to rename cute boy something more like delusional boy.



SunnyShine note: I'm with you. It's not like this was something he did when he was 21. It wasn't a frat boy dare - he was 30ish. The fact that he would bring it up on a first date is suspect as well. Too many things wrong with the whole thing in my opinion.


Complaint Department Manager said...

Damn, that's harsh. It was 5 years ago. There were things that I did 5 years ago that I definately wouldn't do now. Life is a constant learning experience. Now, if he ACTS like an elimiDATE contestant, then that's a different story. Keep your ears open and the bullshit filter on high. Lots of people will hang themselves if you give them enough rope.

complain away said...

Not that harsh. If you read my post carefully, I said it was about the way he told the story. He was all proud of the fact that he'd been a contestant and said it had been a "funny" experience. If he had treated it differently (like with some irony or even a little bit of embarrassment) I think I might be able to work through it. He's already hanged himself, sadly....