Wednesday, October 10, 2007

technology hates me

I don't know if I have blogged about my bad luck with technology. Let's just say that anything electronic I come into contact with is bound to have some kind of problem. I'm not kidding. I think I'm becoming somewhat of a legend.

Anyway, this morning I was happily trying to get through some email at work when my computer froze. It's been a little cranky lately so I waited a little to see if it would unfreeze and since it didn't, I decided to turn it off and reboot. Big mistake. After I turned it back on again, my computer seemed incapable of locating my hard drive. Oh dear. I thought perhaps I turned it on too quickly so I tried it again. Same thing. It also emitted a few beeps and noises I have never heard before. This caused the guy that works for me - who builds computers in his spare time - to look up and inform me that he has never heard another computer make that kind of noise. Great.

Of course, I keep everything on my hard drive and not on the shared drive so I'm fairly screwed. No amount of coaxing was going to get this thing to work. Even better, I was at a different office today and their tech people are incapable of diagnosing any problems for my non-native computer. Sigh.

At least I still have my BlackBerry - which was not working most of the weekend btw. I really have no luck.



RainyBow note: Madame Sunny actually neglects to mention the number of BlackBerrys she's gone through over the past six months. I believe the toll now is three. Or maybe it's four. They're all dead. And BlackBerrys are notoriously indestructible. Her grubby fingers won't be touching any of my semi-technological (or even marginally technological) items any time soon.


SunnyShine note: I believe the number is five. Also, I do not have grubby fingers. You have implied that I actually did something to these devices when, in fact, I did not (ok, one blackberry fell into the dog bowl but the others just didn't work). Things just simply have to be in my possession to suddenly stop working or have some one-of-a-kind problem. It's possible I have one of those weird electrical impulses that throws everything off.


RainyBow note: Well, I ridicule SunnyShine, but I should mention that it's Saturday morning and in the process of commenting on one of her posts, I actually managed to change the font size of every post in our blog. Since there is no rhyme or reason for the font size changes, the contrast between small and large on the page is quite delightful. I hope we've magically increased our traffic to fifty billion this morning, because complainaway deserves to be seen now in its full glory.

I've given up and just texted her (yes, the one I tease as being technologically challenged) to fix the problem. So if you're seeing this blog in a state of normalcy again, I owe her one.


Emory said...

Stay off the Space Shuttle, and away from NORAD!

You can take your PC down to any (most) PC shops and they can retrieve your data. Once it's on a Hard Drive, it's pretty much always on the hard drive.

Good luck ......

complain away said...

emory, I believe you may have been put on this earth for the sole purpose of amusing me. Perhaps you too have come to this realisation today, which is why you have left us so many, many comments.

It's nice to be on the same page, isn't it?


Emory said...

Well, it does seem as though I did spam ya'll with attempted humor yesterday. And for my troubles, I am awarded with another life's purpose. Thanks. No, really, I can do this. I may have to 'staff up,' but I can do this.

I stopped by inadvertantly, and to be honest thought your Blog was great.