Monday, October 15, 2007

the crazies get crazier

I inadvertently lit some paper towel on fire yesterday and nearly set my house on fire. The fire took on the shape of, well, fire. I'm saddened by this because it seems that fire in Poland is appearing like the late pope. I feel like I have missed out.

pope fire
How do they know this is the pope? It really could be anyone waving hello or goodbye. Actually, it looks a little like the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz. Do the crazies spend all day looking out for stuff like this cause they seem to find this imagery in the weirdest places. They're probably upset they can't frame the fire and auction it to the highest bidder. I will have to start inspecting random clouds, fires, puddles, food etc more closely. Maybe I could find the Easter Bunny or even the Tooth Fairy. I think the Tooth Fairy might be better cause she gives out money.



RainyBow note: Might I remind you that you should also keep your eyes open for the word GOD in a halved eggplant?

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Complaint Department Manager said...

Hold on, wait just a minute! Does this mean when I die I'll look as I did the moment I died??? FUCK, kill me now while I still look somewhat appealing!