Tuesday, October 16, 2007

i learned how to use a polaroid camera today

I went to a graphic design event this evening. Stefan Sagmeister was there. He's the smart-ass who carved information about a talk he was giving into his own skin with an X-acto knife and then shot a photo of it for the event poster. He's a bit of a celebrity in the design community and you know how people get around celebrities.

Well, this one woman wanted a picture of herself and X-acto boy and she asked me to take it with her Polaroid camera. But she didn't just hand me the camera; she actually set up the shot, told me where to stand, handed me the camera and told me to hold it in exactly the same spot, and then mimed pushing the button, presumably so there could be no possible confusion over what I was supposed to do.

The best part is that after I endured this lesson, I pressed the button and nothing happened. The chick who treated me like a newbie to the world of point-and-shoot photography had actually loaded the film improperly.

She reloaded the film and went through the whole rigamarole again. it was, after all, about 30 seconds after she first explained it and I guess she assumed I had forgotten all the complicated steps. It took all of my restraint to let her finish, push the button again and walk away. My mother would be proud.


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Anonymous said...

I loaded polaroid film once and I think it was pretty hard. But the rest of this is stupid. I would like to see the shots this person has other people take. Museum quality, I'm sure.