Sunday, October 21, 2007

16 days til someone i don't know will ovulate?

I'm all for getting excited about the due date of your new baby or remembering someone who was amazing who was part of your life for a while. And I get the importance of counting the days until you ovulate if you're trying to conceive (and sometimes when you're trying not to conceive....).

But do people really need to post the days related to these private events on their blog (which, btw, is not marked private)?



Emory said...

Just glad to a male of our species. I think ovulation should require a password and user ID, since everything else about it seems such a hassle.

Worse still are our neighbors. Who, in their attempt to concieve gave us in depth details of their efforts. Now, for the record I am pro consensual secks - that would make a nice bumper sticker, me thinks - however, their enthusiasm was a tad much, and left me feeling that I was secks-ually semi-retired.

I mean really. There are things that are best kept in the Victorian tradition, besides there's no way they could have really done those things, for that long is there?

*slight shudder at the unwanted thought*

complain away said...

I once had neighbours who rivalled yours.

Their apartment (upstairs) emitted two frequent sounds: that of their long and somewhat painful-sounding sessions, and that of their answering machine's outgoing message.

The best part of it was that the name the woman would yell out and the male name on the answering machine didn't exactly match up.

I didn't really socialize with them.