Wednesday, October 10, 2007

another reason to be single

In the news today: an incident between a Washington couple who live together but are in the process of divorcing. The man allegedly enticed his wife into the garage by telling her he put together a surprise haunted house for their kids. He then blindfolded her, handcuffed her, got her up a ladder, and put a rope around her neck. At this point, she apparently became scared (I have to ask here if this timeline is correct--should she not have not been worried before?), and asked him to let her down, but instead he just tried to hang her because "hanging her was better than getting a divorce."

Here's my favourite part: When he eventually let her down and she was unconscious, he told her to put aloe vera on the rope burn on her neck and cover it with a neck brace. She called the police two days later.



SunnyShine note: I want to know how that family dynamic was for the two days after the hanging and before the 911 call. Why did she wait so long? Also, it's very amusing that the article gives the full address of the WalMart - clearly a pertinent piece of information.


Emory said...

For the record, I am anti-Spouse Hanging, and anti-Moa Mart.

I guess this moron thought he was being supportive ..... as in with the rope!

complain away said...

It's good to be definitively on one side of the spouse hanging issue. I really hate it when people flip flop on that one.