Thursday, October 4, 2007

blogs rule, except maybe sometimes

Sunny started my current obsession with the "Next Blog" option. My personal productivity has taken a bit of a hit, since I can now spend hours glancing into the lives of others. It's been my observation that 60% of all blogs feature many photos of small children, not all of whom are cute or even cuteish. Amongst the other 40% I've found all kinds of nifty stuff with which to bore friends and family.

Occasionally, though, I find something that makes me scratch my head or makes me want to understand some random language just to have a clue. When this gets extreme, I'm terrified that people like this in the world exist. Like this blog. Seriously, wtf?! I want to get this person some help. So sad.


SunnyShine note: What the hell is that?

RainyBow note: I KNOW.

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