Sunday, October 7, 2007

this recipe is great if you're cooking for half a person

Over the last few days I've been on a bit of a baking kick. It started with ginger cookies, then moved on to apple-cinnamon muffins, then homemade bread, then today a batch of cupcakes and icing. Baking is fun, especially when you're like me and you refuse to wear an apron so your clothes (in my world, inevitably black) get coated in flour, and then you eat so much of what you've baked that you feel violently ill.

But, despite their high yummy factor, I'm a little bit bitter about my cupcakes. You see, the recipe I used for them didn't actually specify how many cupcakes the batch would make. This happens to me a lot; it seems like people who write low fat vegan recipes are a bit more lax with the details than others like Martha Stewart. Something about them hugging trees and saving whales; I don't really know the details. I figured the recipe was probably for 12, since that seems like an appropriate number for a batch of cupcakes. So after measuring and mixing and beating all the crap together, I poured the batter into the tin, only to discover that I was making a measly six cupcakes.

As if. Especially when it's a given that I'll eat two myself not more than five minutes after pulling them out of the oven. So then I went through the whole rigamarole again to make another six.

Double the measuring and double the mixing and beating, Best of all, double the dishes. And I would have just doubled the recipe at the beginning if I had known. Sigh. There should been some sort of baking law about this, no?



SunnyShine note: Even when the recipe says how many you are supposed to get, I never get the same number. For some reason I always get less. Of course, this may have something to do with my consumption of batter but the recipe people should take that into account. I now prefer to buy my baked goods so I know exactly how much I get.

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