Monday, October 29, 2007

one helluva night

This is a great little piece from Florida....

Two months ago a 24-year old went to a strip club. He says he told the club’s employees that he could only spend $600. Because that’s what I normally do when I go to a bar: I tell the employees what my spending limit is. Genius.

Well, the Amex account he shares with his dad was charged not $600 for that night, but $53,000. That’s right, $53,000.

Amex says the receipts are legit. Dad says 24 of the 30 receipts were printed after 4am, and he’s incensed, because he says that at that point “the club should have been asking patrons to leave.” His kid didn’t just stay past 4am, he stayed until 8am. Hey, it takes more than a couple of hours to spend $53,000. I think.

But here’s the best part: dad says his kid came home with bruises on his neck. “He believes they came from club employees yanking [his son] awake throughout the expensive morning.”

Newsflash for dad: maybe this was a ripoff scam or maybe it wasn’t. Either way, your kid’s a dumbass.



SunnyShine note: This is a tax on the stupid.


Complaint Department Manager said...

Ha, serves 'em right. I'm not a frequenter to the titty bar, but if I ever did, they'd be lucky if they squeezed a 20 spot from me the whole time I was there. I don't like to pay to be teased and I don't pay...period. 53 grand, never saw a lap dance THAT good. 53 bucks...maybe.

Jon said...

1) What 24-year-old shares a credit card with his dad? That just screams "bad with money" to me.
2) What moron brings a credit card to the strip club? If you can only spend $600, you bring $600 in cash. And you leave your credit/atm cards at home.

Emory said...

Midori shooters for 'Bubbles' and 'Bambi' - $200

Montecristo #5s and a round of drinks for the 'boys' - $600

Finding out your son spent $54,000 on a guy named 'Rick' from the 'Aussie Down Under Revue' - Absolutely heart rendering.

Emory said...

"This is a great little piece from Florida....'

Wonder if that is what he told his father ....

*oinks, wiggles tail, and wades back into his stye*

complain away said...

Jon, don't know if you read the article, but "bad with money" indeed. Apparently dad wrote a note about his kid to Amex that said, "This is not the first time my son has done something like this," and "My son gets out of control when he drinks."

But now he denies this. Conveniently, of course, now that $53,000 is at stake.

Jon said...

I didn't read the article - I'm lazy, and it's often easier to pass judgment without all the facts.

Sometimes, however, I'm friggin' psychic, and I just nail it.

Complaint Department Manager said...

"My son gets out of control when he drinks."

When it comes to stupidity, like father, like son.

complain away said...

Friggin' psychic Jon, I listened to Sylvia Browne's autobiography on CD recently (I think I mentioned that I'm so desperate for entertainment during my commute that I'll listen to anything) and here is Sylvia's warning: it's not easy being psychic. Your wife, your friends, heck, even your blog readers will take advantage.

Thought I should give you this informative summary, since you're too lazy to read it yourself. :)