Tuesday, October 16, 2007

things i think about when i'm not sleeping

Still not sleeping. Sunny's trainer told her never to eat past 7pm. I wonder if that rule gets cancelled out if you're up past midnight. I've eaten more in the last two hours than I think I ate all day yesterday.

Scrounging for more snacks, I found an old gum pack that I was saving from my trip to South Africa earlier this year. I'm fascinated by what other cultures consider good snack food, both in taste and in packaging. I took some photos of this guy so now I can finally throw out the pack.

This gum claims to be "sugarfree" on the front.

dirol frontBut then you look at the back....

dirol backIn case you can't read this, the seventh ingredient is hydrogenated glucose syrup. The last time I checked, glucose was just another word for sugar. Hmmm.

Also see the warning at the end of the ingredient list: "Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects." This gum just gets better and better.

I bought another pack of gum in S.A. that was "musk" flavoured. I always thought musk was a smell; I think my dad wore some kind of musk cologne when I was a kid. But apparently in another part of the world musk looks pinky orange and tastes like soap.

I'm hoping to fall asleep soon.



RainyBow update: I woke up this morning somewhat groggy and dragged myself into the kitchen. The fridge door was wide open. Blog action day indeed.


Complaint Department Manager said...

It's a sugar alcohol with an overall glucose rating of less than 10% probably. More than likely it's hydrolyzed corn starch which is a carbohydrate like sugar.

Emory said...

Amazing really! What some cultures pass off as food, collage campuses pass off as a prank.

Of all the things I will not eat, regardless of avoiding an International incident, these top the list.

Fetid Whale Meat
Monkey Brain
Feets, Beaks and Tongues
Brussel Sprouts

... and any kind of deep fried 'inerd.'

As for things that taste like soap, I have no problem. I was fed a steady diet of soap at Grandmothers house (may she rest in peace)for things I had said, or was about to say.

*note to self - Do not wash grandchildrens mouths out with soap. Check.

complain away said...

The last time someone told me he wouldn't be caught dead eating brussels sprouts, it was the check-out clerk in a grocery store. He looked at my bag of sprouts, then looked at me, then said, "You're going to eat these things?! They're GROSS."

I still haven't thought of an appropriate response.