Sunday, October 14, 2007

hot yoga is hot

Today I attended my first hot yoga class. I have done plenty of yoga before, but never hot yoga. Let me tell you something, hot yoga is definitely hot. I have never sweat so much in my entire life. The room is supposed to be heated to minimum 38C but today the instructor was feeling adventurous and made it 42C. Just being in the room without trying to get through the poses would be challenging. Adding 26 poses and doing them each twice is quite a feat and I feel I deserve a medal for making it through. It was hotter than Hades in there.

One tiny girl did the entire class in her panties and bra. This was disturbing enough but then she walked by at the beginning of the class and my nose was assaulted by BO. I would expect that people would be smelly at the end of the class but going in that way was a little much. I made sure to stay far far away.

One gentleman had such an interesting breathing technique that he sounded like he was having an orgasm every time he exhaled. I was completely distracted by this at the beginning but the sex noises just added to the experience.

It took me a good 2 hours post-class to stop sweating and I now have a huge headache. Good news is that I should have no trouble sleeping tonight. I think I'll go back on Wednesday. lol.


RainyBow note: I too went to yoga last night. Mine wasn't even hot yoga and it just about killed me. The instructor went to end the class and I was thinking, this is great, I'm not even about to die yet. But then some chick informed him that it had only been 60 minutes instead of the 90 it was supposed to be, so another half hour of torture ensued.

And today my groins are burning. I will not be going back Wednesday.

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Emory said...

Hot Yoga. Hmm! that makes my horny, me thinks. Sans b.o. of course.

I guess it is all the breathing, and positions speak. Not to mention the euphoria of clearing the mind, and relaxing the body.

Cats seem to be natural Yogi's.