Wednesday, October 24, 2007

it's fun to make up the time for your appointments

Today I'm going to my second acupuncture appointment. I booked it over the phone with an older-sounding man who had a tenuous grasp of the English language. I wanted to switch to Cantonese to help him out (I'm all about helping out these days) but then I remembered that I don't have any grasp of that language.

The man I spoke to seemed far more interested in spelling my name than in agreeing on the time of the appointment, and spelling my name did not go well. Each letter was repeated several times and many corrections were made. I am quite curious to see what his version looks like.

I ended up just telling him the time at which I would be coming, and then repeating it several times. I couldn't get him to repeat that part back to me, so I'm going to just go at that time and hope for the best.



Emory said...

I get the same, and no, Emory Mayne is not my real name.

I am just glad that I am not an Native American, trying to order a pizza.

'yep, that would be for Rides Upside Down' .... Also why do people ask if you can spell that? I mean its just a rude question, isn't it? You're damn right I can spell my own name, I've been spelling it all my life - it may be the only damn thing I can spell, but yeah, I can spell it. Smartass!

complain away said...

Smartass indeed. I like how you brilliantly preempted that by saying it yourself.

So if Emory Mayne isn't your real name, why was it the chosen pseudonym?

Inquiring minds, you know.