Sunday, October 21, 2007

i hope never to utter this sentence

After hot yoga on Friday (three times this week - yay), a woman was discussing which package of classes she should buy. (During your intro week, you can buy a package at 25% off the regular price.) She was explaining that she was suffering from back problems ever since carrying triplets and that this yoga was the only thing that made her feel better. She also had another child for good measure. She went on to say that it was difficult for her to get to a class because her husband had to be home to stay with the kids and he was always tired after work. Pobrecito. I'm sure that taking care of 4 kids all day every day is tiring too.

The instructor explained that she should get the package before Sunday so she could take advantage of the discount. At this point, she said the following:
'I have to ask my husband for money'.

Kill me now. I hate the thought that some women have to ask their husbands for money. I would be humiliated. That's probably the idea.

There are women I work with who have no clue about finances or bills or bank account balances. What happens when there is a divorce, death, or serious injury? One even listens to her husband who says not to put money into a tax-sheltered retirement fund. I want to give her an intervention.

My mother (who is crazy) always told us to never be financially dependent on a man. I never will be. It's unfortunate that not everyone can say that. Sigh.


RainyBow note: I'm reading Girls of Riyadh right now and I had to put the book down today when I hit the part where one of the main characters (a Saudi girl) agrees to a marriage contract but is unable to actually sign her name "because the Sheikh doesn't want it that way." While her husband signs his name, as a woman, she has to put just her fingerprint in the register.

In a part of the world where women actually get to sign their name, it seems terribly wrong that they don't. Sigh indeed.


Emory said...

"Kill me now. I hate the thought that some women have to ask their husbands for money. I would be humiliated. That's probably the idea."

Dooh! ...

Please be careful what you ask for. There are large swaths of this planet, where this happens to women with some frequency!

Now as much as there is some strange allure of partnering with a 'stepford' wife, I don't need the trade off to be my employment as as a Mongolian goat herder, or or one that requires me to be handy with a bow. I like modernity!

Your Mum, is of course, correct. Chart your own course, and don't rely on a scruffy sailor - and remember, even an Admiral begins as a scruffy sailor.

complain away said...

Dude, you claim to be a "guru." Does that not involve Mongolian goats in some way?