Friday, October 12, 2007

death by meeting

Today, we had one of those meetings that is excruciatingly painful. What does that mean? It means that poking something through my eye or banging my head against concrete would have been better. I would almost have preferred doing anything else. I would have preferred being at the animal blessing or perhaps the funeral wedding. This is how bad it was.

I won't bother going into detail but it involved people debating the wording of questions on a survey. I'm not kidding. We discussed what the word 'we' meant in a sentence. We discussed the word 'bureaucracy'. We discussed the stupidest things ever. Basically, we all lost several years of our lives in all of 45 minutes. It was truly awful. There was one person in particular I wanted to strangle but she was - luckily for her - on the phone.

To add insult to injury, this meeting was held during lunch and was delaying the yummy Vietnamese food I had been dreaming of all day; it's surprising I didn't have a meltdown. It's also surprising Rainy didn't have a meltdown given she needs to eat just about every hour.


RainyBow note: Meeting of death indeed. There were several people who were poised for strangulation.

But you neglect to mention the aftermath, after the long lunch delay, when we went to our place, the Vietnamese restaurant down the street from our stripmall heaven office that serves a yummy lunch for $5.50. For the first time ever, there were more than two other people there and I think we waited 40 minutes to get food (this compared to the usual 5 minutes). The meltdown was fast approaching. I actually tried to read a Vietnamese magazine to get my mind off of the rumbling stomach.

In case you're wondering how that went, my Vietnamese reading level appears to be that of a one-and-a-half year-old. Every few pages I would recognize a photo, point at it and comment to Sunny, "look, Bill Clinton" or "look, electrolysis." Note to self: I think Sunny-on-the-brink-of-a-meltdown enjoyed this immensely.

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