Sunday, October 21, 2007

the simple hook

Women are forever complaining about the wait for the bathroom, cleanliness of the bathroom, lack of bathrooms, etc. I have a new complaint to add.

Why can't people install hooks in the bathroom stalls? How much can a hook cost? I hate going into a stall with a bag or coat and having to put them on the floor. Sometimes it's possible to throw a coat over the stall door or balance your bag on the toilet paper holder but more often than not, the floor is the only thing available. Any guesses as to how clean the floor of a public bathroom is?


RainyBow note: I don't know if I've mentioned this, but my parents are alarmists. They're the kind of people who see something on TV or read it in a magazine and immediately think it will happen to them or their family and friends. And so they always call me to warn me of the evils of everyday life. My favourite was the day they called to tell me that I should always call the cab company and get them to send me a cab because 60 Minutes said that sometimes the cabs you get off the street aren't legit and might rip you off and leave you by the side of the road, naked and crying. Or something like that.

But back to the point of my story... one of the calls I got a couple of years back was regarding a 20/20 show about germs. The fact that I actually remember this (there have been a large volume of alarmist calls) means it actually was quite alarming. The 20/20 people did a floor test in a regular bathroom and found two million bacteria per square inch, about 200 times higher than a clean surface. Ugh.

Then they did a test of the bottom of women's purses and found fecal bacteria on 30% of them.

Talk to my mom and dad. We need the hooks.

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Emory said...

Please forward complaints here..

And remember, The World Toilet Summit begins October 31st, in New Delhi. (Wouldn't have been my choice of venue)