Wednesday, October 3, 2007

i think a portrait like these will help me get ahead in the corporate world

I have their phone number for anyone who just can't resist the opportunity to look like THAT guy.



SunnyShine note: I hear WalMart takes some good glamour shots as well. lmao


Jon said...

I'm going to be helping a friend put up a simple website for her new business, and we were looking at competing websites to get an idea of what she wanted. You'd be surprised (Or maybe not) at how many of the pictures people used to advertise themselves were simply awful. The ones you show here are actually pretty decent in comparison.

Emory said...

Hey, have seen these two. Aren't they extras on the Pyongyang Metro.

Yep! right there on pic 15.

Seriously, get a professional picture shot, if you are in business.