Monday, October 22, 2007

who cares that there's no water to least we have sports

Have you heard about the water shortage in North Carolina? There's a drought and the water supply is very low. As a matter of fact, all outdoor watering has been banned and there are a mere 69 days days left in the water supply.

Imagine how you would feel, then, if you drove by the astroturf field at Duke University and saw it being watered. Just so we're all on the same page, astroturf is fake/synthetic/not real.

The best line of the whole article is the subhead:

Hockey fields need soaking, officials say; Duke coach: We conserve at home

I wonder how he conserves at home. Has he installed low-flow shower heads or a water efficient toilet? Perhaps he bought a front loading washing machine? hmmph. I'm willing to bet his back yard has a pool.


1 comment:

Emory said...

Maximum consensio.

However, without healthy astro-turf, what will our astro-cows eat. I am sure the 'Dook' coach was just looking afer the animals on campus. (Nifong wasn't)