Wednesday, October 24, 2007

and here's where you poke a severed foot

I went back to acupuncture today. The good news: although they seemed to have no idea I was supposed to be there, I still got to see my guy. The bad news: despite all of my not-so-secret prayers, I didn't get any more needles than last time.

I got put in a different room this time and this one had a poster of the human body on the wall. Check out the severed foot in the bottom right.

I feel reassured that if my foot should ever get detached from the rest of my body, my acupuncturist will still know what to do with the needles.



SunnyShine note: Do they make you strike that pose before you get stuck?


Emory said...

Are you sure that foot wasn't supposed to be his 'peenie.'

If having apuncture does this, then count me out.

complain away said...

Thanks for your excellent choice of euphemism.