Saturday, September 22, 2007

thanks for the tip

Every week in my company, a computer "tip of the week" is sent out to all employees. These tips are touted as time savers to make the employees more efficent. Sounds good, right?

Well, the language of business in my company is English, but the language of the person who wrote this recent tip is definitely not English. Have a read of the excerpt below, and note that I didn't change a thing. If anyone can prove he or she actually learned something--anything--about NetMeeting from this tip, I'll send out a prize. I don't know what that prize will be, but then I'm quite certain I'll never have to hit the post office....

One of the most recurring issues is concerning the Directory server, and this is usually due of a missing address. It can be fixed by adding the Directory address for Netmeeting.

In some cases, the User will not be able to change him self settings because the Options will be grayed out. This can be fixed by connecting as an administrator and to follow the previous steps.

Another issue coming out usually is the Directory isn’t opening*, but a window on the task bar seems to reflect that the Directory is open, but it’s not opening it self.

*This little incident was created by closing the Netmeeting with the Directory in minimized size.

Another issue can come, the User is not able to share his desktop to get some remote help with whatever technical support. What you will have to do is to activate the Remote Desktop Sharing in Options menu of the application, but to activate that you need administrative rights on the computer.

In some cases, you will receive a message telling you that you have a service of Netmeeting running already in background, just click on the Ok button and this will force the installation of the asked service.

Another issue is beginning to show up, the Netmeeting Directory is long to open. The fix for this type of incident is to modify some Windows Registry Keys, but you have to be administrator of the computer to do those modifications.

Be careful also to select the proper version of the application in function of the Operating System in the computer.


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Jon said...

1) This highlights the importance of good communication skills in the workplace.
2) If a person is unable to determine that the reason they can't open NetMeeting is that they've already opened and minimized it, that person should not be encouraged to fiddle with Windows Registry settings.
3) I learned that NetMeeting is not very user-friendly. Do I get a prize?