Monday, October 15, 2007

i'm sorry, i don't know what "gum chewing" means

A friend of mine went to gospel roller skating last week (yes, as in they play gospel music and you skate). She was surprised to find that the rink had a large number of rules posted, including "no swearing." Even though I wasn't there, I had to steal this image.

no gum chewing permitted
Does anyone really need the illustration? Perhaps their research shows that gospel roller skating attracts a recent-immigrant-or-tourist-who-doesn't-speak-any-English kind of crowd?



SunnyShine note: Can I get that on a flash card so I can pull it out at any time? I hate gum. I hate gum snapping. I hate gum chewing; it's so undignified. I was even at a wedding recently where a bridesmaid walked down the aisle chewing gum. We're all going to hell.


Complaint Department Manager said...

Gospel skating? Holy Shit!....that is all I have to contribute.

complain away said...

Apparently they play rock music with the lyrics all Christianed-up. You know, instead of "you get me all hot inside" the song would say "God gets me all hot inside."

Gospel skating started at midnight and my friend was fascinated by the fact that at 2:30am people were still yelling out praises to the lord. She just wanted a drink (which, btw, was also outlawed in the long list of rules).