Monday, October 1, 2007

the saga continues....

I believe I posted about how much I'm looking forward to the family dinner for my birthday. My dad called me on the weekend and informed me that he would be away for the weekend so we had to have birthday dinner on Tuesday. Yay. No need to plan my weekend down to the millisecond to avoid the long, drawn out dinner.

He asked me where I wanted to go. I decided that I would not make any requests this year 'cause really, what's the point. We're going to go somewhere he wants to go anyway. My only stipulations were that 1) the restaurant has to be within a 15 min drive of my house 2) dinner has to be at 7:30 or later.

Now, the proximity request would seem a little strange to you, gentle reader, but I assure you it is a necessity. I would rank it up there with oxygen. When we get together for dinner (sister, father, me) he tries to pick a place that would be central to all of us. His idea of central to all of us is a suburb that is approximately 60 minutes away for me. If traffic is really terrible, I can add 15 minutes to that. I'm not making this up. The stupid thing is that it is not easy for any of us to get there, yet he insists it is halfway. This is akin to looking for someplace halfway between Paris & London and ending up in Moscow.

The time restraint is necessary because I get home around 6:30 and then need to feed and walk the dogs. This is no surprise to him as we have the same argument just about every month when he tells me he wants to have dinner some weeknight at 6.

Anyway, back to the dinner at hand. Tonight I got the call with the details of where and when.

The place is within my driving limit. Shocking. It's a place he's wanted to go to for a long time. Not shocking.

Reservations are for 6:45. OMG.

I reminded him that I said I wouldn't get able to get anywhere until 7:30. He said that he would go at 6:45 and then wait for me until I got there. If he is going to wait until I get there, why didn't he just make the reservation at 7:30???!!!

I give up.


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