Tuesday, October 30, 2007

your guess is as good as mine

It's hard to see what this is, but even if you could, it probably wouldn't help. I have no idea if this vehicle has an engine or if is some sort of bike with a plastic shell. Perhaps it is the vehicle that the alien in the last post arrived in. All I know is that it zipped past me quickly and I thought I was seeing things. I wonder where you park such a thing. I wonder if the guy built this thing himself in his spare time. I wonder why. I wonder how long it has been since he's had a girlfriend.


RainyBow note: Now this guy is in desperate need of emory's fettuccine recipe.


Fellow grammarian said...

I know this one! It's a Velomobile. It was featured a couple of weeks ago on CBC's "The Hour" under their "Good Idea?" segment. See Oct 18 video here http://goodidea.cbc.ca/ and manufacturer's website here http://www.bluevelo.com/

Emory said...

Thanks for the site FG.

I thought it was a plain ol' DT6-X (Death Trap 600 eXperimental)

But a Velomobile! Wow.

I am going to stick with the leaper, and avoid the testicular cancer threat,(thank you Lance) me thinks!

FG gets intellectual points for knowledge, and the 'Velo' pilot awarded green stamps, and a free pizza topping for his/her enviromental awareness. Also wins a handy dandy bicycle pump, some durable lubricants, and the thanks of an oil addicted nation.

You know, with all the room in the front you could keep a tethered Goat. Just pop that Billie out when heading uphill.

The Velo V-TG ...... 600

Marnie said...

I saw that thing downtown yesterday! It was parked on King St., up on the sidewalk.

So, do I win anything? Just for being a complete stranger who happened across your blog recently?

complain away said...

Damn, this is what I get for weaning myself off of The Hour. I used to be addicted. At one point, I had so many episodes on my pvr that I had to spend a couple of days watching them. I just couldn't bring myself to erase them. Maybe I have to start watching again.

Thanks for the info, fg. I took this pic in the summer while I was driving along Lakeshore.

Emory: I'm flattered you commented for me. I was getting a complex.

Marnie: Welcome. So far, you are the lone woman who reads this blog aside from Rainy and myself. lol. Please stay.


Emory said...


You win a pet Owl of your choice.

Did you read that this Velomobile, the Versitale, cost $13,450 (CND.) I nearly broke out in a rash when I saw the asking price. I mean for that kind of money I could get a Rickshaw, and a guy named Rin-Bin to 'tote' me around for quarter of a century.

Fellow grammarian said...

I'm horribly shocked and disappointed that you've assumed that I'm male!!

Emory said...

FG, I always considered you Female. To intelligent to be male, and although you did know that is a Velomobile you never offered us no technical specs, top speed, gear ratios, and curb weight - or a more obvious giveaway - advice on how to trap and kill it.

*grunts, goes back to sharpening a fabulous chartreuse coloured stick*

complain away said...

FG, I apologize profusely. I have no idea why I assumed you were male but you know what they say about ASSuming. This is about how my life is going lately.


Marnie said...

Now I'm going to stick around just to trade womanly wisdom with fellow grammarian.

complain away said...

I gotta admit that I too thought you were male, FG. Like emory, I reasoned through the problem, but in a different way:
- you didn't talk about shopping for makeup
- you didn't comment on the critical path for styling your hair
- you didn't cry (or if you did, it wasn't obvious)

OK, maybe I'm being a tiny bit stereotypical, but this kind of stuff is why women and I generally don't get each other.

Thank goodness now you have Marnie to talk makeup, hair and crying with. Whew.


Emory said...

Uh Oh ... I am getting that 'just accidently walked into the ladies restroom' feeling. That mili second of realization, when the fabric of time unravels, and you can see the fight or flight reaction of women all around you.

Outnumbered and in the 'very wrong' with no reasonable dismount in sight.

Man I haight it when women pack. It's a real Sarengeti experience.