Thursday, November 1, 2007

how about doing some work

Why can't people work for things any more? Have the days of saving your money to buy what you want gone away? Here is yet another person who wants something for nothing.

Is having a Coach bag going to change her life for the better? Why not go for the something of some real value, like a condo or a piece of land? If you're going to ask for something for nothing, might as well aim high.

I should try this and ask for a few mortgage payments. I need to retire. Maybe I should rent out my forehead or offer to wrap my car in a tobacco ad. Damn, too bad I don't have any breast milk handy.


RainyBow note: OK, the breastmilk story is fantastic. I don't know where WHO news is from, but I want to read it all the time now. I love John Bachman, with his delightful combination of fake tan and spray-on hair, and I especially love that they choose to spell 22 not twenty-two, but twenty-2. Them's some good news there.


Complaint Department Manager said...

About the breast milk...I got a great idea for a new coffee creamer, wanna hear it?

Emory said...

Slide Rule Jockey fact;

Human females are the only mammals that maintain breast shape whether they are lactating or not. The breasts of most other mammals, either loose their shape completely, or disappear altogether.

Yeah! Lets give a standing 'O' for the females. They are kicking evolutions ass!


Handbags are deeply mysterious things. Scary secret places, that contain everything. No matter the size, they contain more things in them than a Home builders warehouse.

complain away said...

All handbags are designed by Mary Poppins. Rainy has the tiniest bag possible but loses stuff in there regularly. hee.