Tuesday, September 18, 2007

you need to get a pen

I ordered in tonight 'cause I'm tired and too lazy to cook. I had an early morning yesterday (story for another time), a long day today, and an insanely long drive home. Tomorrow morning, I have to get up at 5 so I can fly to another city for an all day meeting and then fly home again tomorrow night. I don't know why I feel the need to justify this. Whatever.

Whenever someone knocks on my door, all hell breaks loose here. The dogs start barking and freaking out and I have to open the door the least amount possible so I can slide through and go outside. It's annoying and difficult.

The delivery guy arrived tonight and I did my whole dance of trying to get out the door while holding back the dogs so they don't run out to attack him. (Princess would have no interest in attacking someone because it would require effort but Jethro would take a bite out of someone if he felt he needed to. Of course, he might have been distracted by the chicken but I am digressing.)

Anyway, I manage to get outside so I can sign the credit card slip and the guy tells me that I need to get a pen because he doesn't have one. FRAK.

When you know someone is going to pay with a credit card, why don't you have a pen? This drives me nuts. The last time it happened, I told the driver I didn't have a pen either. Honestly, this would make me stop ordering from this establishment permanently.

Conveniently, they have one of those 'tell us about our service' online surveys. I told them all right.


RainyBow note: You've just touched on one of my biggest pet peeves: people who steal my pens. They come to my desk for a meeting, they bring their book to take notes, but they don't bring anything to write with. The next thing I know they're "borrowing" one of mine. Then I can never find it again and when I'm looking to write something down, I'm screwed.

Now it's not like my pens are worth $2B each or anything, but they're a tool I kinda need to do my job. Pen stealers suck.

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