Saturday, September 22, 2007

this is way worse than discussing where else you might get your next haircut with your hair stylist of 10 years

I spent this afternoon at the park with a friend from out-of-town and another friend who brought his wife and two kids. The friend from out-of-town was pleasant, and the kids fought for my attention, which made me briefly feel like a B-list celebrity (at least one for children, like Mr. Rogers or one of those fun and crazy people from Sesame Street).

However, on to the friend and his wife. I recently learned that the wife has filed for divorce. The friend is not-so-heartbroken over this; he actually told me, when this happened, that he had considered filing for divorce before they had kids, so her move was hardly a surprise. (But don't get me started on people who have kids because they will "fix" their relationship. Argh.) As you can guess, I was a tad surprised to see her.

Over lunch the conversation went horribly wrong. We all sat down to have lunch on a picnic table. The wife was eating a messy piece of pizza and some of it spilled on her shirt. "Well, I guess this isn't good first date food, is it?" I laughed and told her it was generally wise to avoid tomato sauce and red wine too. "Really?" she said, "I guess that's good advice." Then she turned to my friend (as in her husband) and said, in front of the kids, "Hey, you should listen to this, since you're going to be back in the dating scene soon too. We could probably both learn stuff from her that will help us out."

Does anyone else find this troubling?



SunnyShine note: Nightmare.

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