Thursday, September 6, 2007

should people in their 30s really be afraid their parents will think they touched a member of the opposite sex?

I have a colleague at work in her 30s who's a pretty devout Christian, but certainly not a crazy Bible thumper. She recently bought a house on her own and has roped a male friend into doing some work on it (the inevitable renovations, which I am all-too-familiar with these days). Convo today at work:

me: So how did you get him to all this work?

colleague: Well, I helped him out by looking at apartments with him when he needed a new place.

me: Oh, that was nice of you.

colleague: Especially because I was always worried when we met the landlord. Maybe he or she would think we were looking for a place together and the word would get around and my mom would hear it from someone. She really wouldn't be happy with that, you know?

me: Oh, OK.



SunnyShine note:

1. Does her mother have every landlord in the city spying on her in case she looks at apartments with random men?
2. Didn't she just buy a house? Would her mother think this is a front and that her real goal is to move into a tiny apartment with a man?
3. I think she might be a crazy bible thumper who is toning down the crazy at work. She is amusing though.
4. Would it be impossible to explain this situation to her mother? Is she not allowed to speak to men or be seen with them at any time?

So many questions.

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