Thursday, September 6, 2007

and people here complain when their neighbours won't lend them sugar...

The people of Zimbabwe's neighbouring countries have let them down yet again. Most have turned a blind eye to the horrible mismanagement that's causing a mass exodus from the country. Others have been more overtly detrimental in their actions. When President Mugabe and his supporters beat, intimidated and defrauded the citizens of the country in order to win in national elections, South African President Mbeki proclaimed to the world that the elections were fair and just. And now I've just read that Zambia's president has said that Zimbabwe's problems (severe food shortages, an estimated one-third of children not in school, 10,000% inflation and 80% unemployment) have been "exaggerated."

All I can surmise is that Mugabe must be writing a lot of big, fat cheques. How sad for the people of Zimbabwe.



SunnyShine note: It's always astounding to me how the African leaders seem to make excuses for him. Of course, the rest of the world either doesn't know or doesn't care. Perhaps if they were sitting on a bunch of oil and had lighter skin, the problems would get more attention.

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