Monday, September 3, 2007

i hate creepy men in big white cars

Walking home from the movies tonight, I passed an older man in a big white Camry, negotiating a price out the window with a teenaged kid clad in baggy jeans. The kid couldn't have been more than 15. This wasn't the first time I'd seen such a disgusting image as there are two kids who normally work the block.

And I live in a "good" area of downtown. What does one do with this (other than trying not to puke...)?!



SunnyShine note: I still think you should have taken down the license plate and posted it here. The amazing thing is that this street is a mere two blocks or so from police headquarters and this kind of thing goes on all the time. Parents, take note. When you don't accept your children for whatever stupid reason, this is what happens. When you make an environment so toxic with abuse - verbal or physical or sexual - that the only recourse a child has is to leave, this is what happens. They are forced onto the street and they have to sell themselves to survive. That's right, sell themselves to survive. Think about that for a minute.


RainyBow note: Update two days later: I walked by on the way home from the movies again (yes, I have a movie problem, and I do like to walk) and took my usual route down that street. Tonight the other teenaged boy hooker was there (I don't like to think about what one of them is doing when he's not there at night. Ugh.), hanging out in his super baggy jeans. An older gay man walked by with his small dog and suddenly erupted at the kid, unprovoked. "So, what, you're gonna be a hustler forever? THAT'S goddamn cool!" he yelled, and then proceeded to yank his pants down and moon the kid. Yanking his pants back up, he walked quickly away with a super smug look, as if he had made the most amazing point ever. I was across the street, watching the kid get up, following the older man. Bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. But the kid did give up and resume his wait for man in big white car. Still crazy.

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