Monday, September 3, 2007

so pissed

I was writing a long and witty post about the US Open from my blackberry and suddenly it froze and took my post along with it. %$@%@^$$%^%&*#@%#@. I'm so pissed.

I have bad blackberry can't even begin to know how bad. I'll go into that another time.

I'm not rewriting the post now; you'll have to wait.



RainyBow note: Ummm.... I just looked up "mojo" in Urban Dictionary and methinks it wasn't meant to be used with an establishment word like "blackberry." Note these examples of the correct usage of "mojo":
"Man, that girl has MOJO!"
"God help me, I think I've lost my mojo!"
and my personal favourite
"You got some large mojo friend"
I'm pretty sure Urban Dictionary would give your example a thumb down. Sorry, SunnyShine.


SunnyShine note: It's like that, is it? How you play me like dat? hmmph. Here are some facts: 1. The term mojo originates from Africa during the time of slavery. 2) One of us can trace our origins back through slavery to Africa. 3) That person is not you. Ergo, I can use that word any damn way I please! lmao. This is similar to how black people are allowed to say the n-word while white people are not. I completely disagree of course and think the word should be stricken but I'm happy to use the example here anyway.


RainyBow note: OK, two things:

1. you actually went to WIKIPEDIA to dispute my urban dictionary claim. Ouch. You're old.

2. just wait and see the places to which I start tracing back my origins. Soon I will be a child of the world! Purely for the sake of my arguments on this blog, of course....


SunnyShine note: You're pointing fingers when you had to look it up in the urban dictionary??? Newsflash: if you have to look something up in the urban dictionary, you ain't so young yourself. Word.

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