Saturday, September 1, 2007

common c-o-u-r-t-e-s-y

I live on a fairly quiet street in a residential neighbourhood. There are young families, retirees, single women (me), lesbian & gay couples and it's the kind of street where people take pride in their homes and say hi to their neighbours.

You'd think it was pleasantville, however - and there's always a however - across the street are the noisiest and rudest bunch of teenagers in existence. How many of them actually live in the house is a mystery cause there are always so many around that it's hard to tell. This pack is being raised by a single mother who doesn't seem to notice or care about what they do or when they do it.

I would guesstimate that the teenagers are 13-16. None of them seem to drive but their friends sure do. They show up after midnight hanging out of windows and with music blasting. Also, I have noticed that these teenagers cannot communicate without screaming at the top of their lungs.

I cannot tell you how many nights I have been woken up by them. They come home at all hours of the night and never quietly. I have twice seen them peeing on the street - both boys AND girls. Who is raising them? Peeing on the street???

They also enjoy skateboarding and basketball dribbling at 2am. I now cannot hear a skateboard without feeling homicidal. Like I said, their mother doesn't seem to care.

Times sure have changed. Had I come home at 2am when I was their age, I can guarantee I wouldn't have seen the clock move past 9pm for years. Also, where are they going or coming from at that time? Are there clubs for 15 year olds? Are they spreading their joy at another house with equally tolerant parents?

Has anyone ever heard of common courtesy? I am still deciding what my next move will be next time they wake me. Here are the things I have come up with:

  1. video tape and take pictures - esp useful and embarrassing if they are peeing
  2. come outside with the Dog and ask them to wake their mother so I can speak to her
  3. ring their doorbell incessantly at 5:30am when I wake up so they can see how it feels
  4. call the police and let them handle it
  5. speak to the mother separately (she won't care, believe me)
I think I may take pics or video anyway but I'll keep you posted as to what else happens. I am turning into a curmudgeon.


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