Thursday, September 6, 2007

what the eff is a yorkiehuahua?

I really miss the days when dog crosses were called mutts. Whatever happened to that? Is it now suddenly un-PC to say mutt? No one told me.

Here's an ad I found today advertising a yorkiehuahua. How do you say that? Is it like yorkiewawa? Can you say that and keep a straight face? I didn't think so. Wouldn't Chorkie have been better? How about Chirkie? lmao. I'm cracking myself up.

The name is bigger than the damn dog. Look at the first picture in the link. His bug eyes seem to indicate that he is not impressed with that name himself.

Also, what use is an 8lb dog? OMG, an 8lb dog that costs $750!!!! That's $93.75/lb. At that rate, my dogs would be worth 15K. Actually, Jethro would probably be in the bargain bin so maybe not that much.

Rainy, feel free to rant about the apostrophe issue; I'm not going to bother.


RainyBow note: I wonder sometimes if people believe they might have a better chance of winning the lottery if they just use apostrophes as frequently as possible. Or maybe that they'll become a better person.

I have no other possible explanation for rampant apostrophe misuse.

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CarlaCarlaCarlaCarla said...

These are also called Chorkies, and one fella on flickr has begun an all-out effort to change these mutts' names to Yihuahua.