Wednesday, September 26, 2007

here's a fee for your convenience

I had to renew my license plates today and went to the actual office instead of using one of the handy kiosks that are sprinkled around town. I generally prefer to do electronic transactions whenever I can, but the office was close to work so I went there instead.

While dealing with an incompetent human (yes, I'm generalizing, but the incompetent far outweigh the competent in my experience) instead of a machine is normally a painful experience, I am irked by the 'convenience fee' that is charged when I use the machine.

Yes, it is convenient not to have to stand in line and deal with an idiot. I get that.

It's pretty convenient for the government as well though. There's no biweekly salary; no pension to pay until the end of time; no vacation or sick days; no long term disability; no office to rent etc. I'd say they make out pretty well not having to staff an office.

I tend to think that I should be paying LESS when I purchase or do something online. After all, I have done all of the work and the overhead for the company is much less. Why should I be paying $2 for the convenience? Don't write saying that I should suck it up and pay the $2. The amount is not the point.

Interestingly enough, just after I had finished discussing this issue with Rainy, I went online to pay a parking ticket and found myself paying a 'user fee' in addition to the parking fine. Ridiculous.


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Complaint Department Manager said...

This falls into my category of "Fuctarded". Yes, it is a convienience to you, but is also a convienience to the establisment (commercial or Govt) for not having to pay an hourly wage, less paperwork and time. I feel like charging a fee for aggrevation when it's not my it a "pissed off" fee. Some buisnesses actually give you a discount for making it easy on yourself and them. Govt needs to get a clue.