Sunday, September 9, 2007

i'm one year old and i would like the following presents...

A good friend of mine has a child who is on the cusp of turning one year old. Since my friend was part of an inevitable pre-birthing group (whatever one calls those things, please excuse my ignorance), she knows lots of other moms with a kid turning one. So the birthday parties begin....

My friend and her husband, as reasonable people, have assessed that their kid has an excessive amount of toys (growing weekly because of overindulgent grandparents), and that their kid appreciates boxes and keys more than most of her toys. So they have decided to have a small party with family and a couple of friends to celebrate the milestone. There will be cake and a few small gifts.

However, some of her mommy friends have gone a different route: registering for their kid's birthday.

Now, I've seen one of these registries, and we're not talking "I'd like this $10 book for my kid." We're talking full-on-gifts with a price tag of $50 and up. For real?! The kid is one and will have no idea what this party is even for.

Can you imagine what the party at 8 and 10 years will be like? I'm already cringing at the upcoming stories.


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Jon said...

Registering for events is getting a little out of hand. First birthday parties are supposed to be an opportunity for the child to play in the cake (and have embarrassing photos taken for his or her senior yearbook) and friends to come gush about how cute and smart your kid is.

If I ever get invited to a child's party with a registry, I will refuse to go. Register for a wedding and a baby shower - beyond that is just begging.