Thursday, September 27, 2007

complainaway's birthday: we're 100! yay!

To celebrate our 100th post, here's some more about us:

RainyBow: I enjoy Hello Kitty-themed weddings and spelling my name with a heart above the I. Especially when I try out my name with different boys' last names. I do like RainyBow Pitt. But I don't think RainyBow Clooney works so well. RainyBow DiCaprio sounds too much like a song.

SunnyShine: I've spent long hours during these one hundred posts, looking longingly down my street for the mailman to arrive, hoping that today will be the day that my purple bracelet finally arrives. Alas, I have only been met with disappointment. A complaint-free world has yet to be mine. I long for the day when I am no longer chained to the shackles of this blog of complaints. Manumit me from these bonds.

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