Friday, September 28, 2007

5 things that terrify me about my weekend

This weekend I'm travelling quite a distance to spend a couple of days at a colleague's country home. It should be lovely; she has a school house converted into a country home and the leaves are in the prime of fall colours at this time of year. And another colleague, who I like immensely, will be there.

But there are a number of things wrong with this situation:

1. My colleague is extremely odd. Sunny can attest to this. She is one of those people you never find yourself viewing head-on, since whenever she speaks, you always end up cocking your head to one side in disbelief. I find her hysterical. But then I've never spent two full days with her, yet.

2. We are driving from the same city and yet she has not once offered to drive with me. She gave me some very appalling directions, which I then had to verify with others. The other colleague got six--count'em, six--versions of the directions, none of which was the same as the others. A bit troubling.

3. There is an outhouse, which is not in itself an issue, but the colleague has alluded to an "indoor night solution." I do not want to know what this solution is and I hope against hope that nobody partakes in it.

4. The colleague has joked that if one of us snores, we'll be kicked out of the "communal sleeping area" and relegated to the couch. What kind of communal sleeping area are we talking about? I have visions of the three of us sleeping in one bed and they aren't good visions (especially for you guys out there who thought this post was just heating up--trust me, it's not).

5. Apparently we will be out of cellular coverage. So much will happen that will need to be shared by phone and/or blog post. I will be typing into thin air. Or maybe I'll be walking long distances, trying desperately to get a bar. Can you hear me now?

Those are 5 pretty big things. I have a hunch much typing will be happening on Monday.


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Complaint Department Manager said...

Sorry, but I'm still taking door #4 and I want pictures. (I couldn't resist, I tried, honest)