Sunday, September 9, 2007

please respect our privacy

I am having trouble feeling sympathy for the McCann family. Actually, I feel sympathy for the children, but not the parents. Let me first say that my womb is closed for business and I have no use for children whatsoever. However, I find it hard to fathom that parents would leave a 3 year old and two year old twins alone in a hotel while they went out for dinner. There was childcare available but they didn't take advantage. It's not like they couldn't afford it. Who does this? Notwithstanding the fact that their child is 'missing', what about all the other things that could have happened? What if there had been a fire or one of them had fallen or burned themselves or suffocated in the blankets? The list goes on and on. Kidnapping is probably the least likely of the things that could have happened.

Since this incident, they have spent their time taking audiences with the pope and flying around to meet different celebrities to raise awareness. To date, they have raised over ₤2.5M as a reward for her return. Now that they have been named as suspects, they are suddenly pleading for privacy - on camera no less. Is it just me or does something seem really wrong about this? There's something not quite right. Maybe there was Munchhausen Syndrome at play here; the results would certainly fit.

I also need to note that there are countless children who disappear as slaves, soldiers, sex trade victims etc. every single day. Funny how there is no awareness or reward available to save them. Unfortunately, by virtue of the colour of their skin and their social standing in the world, no one cares. If these same children were white and middle class, it would be a different story. You know it's true.


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insanity-suits-me (Dawn) said...

I have to agree that it all sounds pretty fishy... what kind of parents leave their children unattended???
The poorest of the poor can manage to get a babysitter.