Tuesday, September 4, 2007

a query

Andy at Zimbabwe Absurdity has just posted about how we as humans complain in our daily life. He says:

"It’s a curious phenomenon; we grumble to the same people about the same things, day in and day out. I suppose that if we had a huge variety of things to grumble about we would not be able to grumble."

Now, most ordinary complainers love to whine about the weather... and the weather. I hear it constantly and it grows tiresome. Andy's gripings are way more interesting. And I'd like to think that my first month of complaint blogging with SunnyShine has broader appeal that just the same old, same old. (Our blog would grow tiresome quite quickly--and I guess time will tell on that one.) Still, I'm interested to hear other perspectives.

Do we (the broader we, not the incredibly annoying royal we) in essence complain about the same things constantly? And if we had more to grumble about, would we be stricken with what Barry Schwartz calls The Paradox of Choice, unable to choose where to start?


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