Sunday, September 16, 2007


Sorry for the quality of this picture but I was going through the car wash at the time. I just know that some day 'your' will be entered alongside 'you're' in the dictionary since everyone uses it incorrectly now. sigh.

car wash sign



RainyBow note: When I was a kid, there was a sign up for years on our route home from the family cottage that made me insane. The image was of a police officer and the speech bubble beside him said "Drink, that's fine. Drink and drive, your mine." Argh. There's a missing word in here, which requires an apostrophe, people! When I was eight I knew enough to be angry about the misspelling, and yet apparently nobody in the local police force did. Psychiatrists everyone are thankful for my sake that the sign has since be replaced by something more innocuous.

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