Saturday, September 8, 2007

i just need some water

This week, I seem to have a problem adequately hydrating myself. I was parched on Thursday when I went to the book reading, so I went to a vending machine to buy a bottle of water. I put my $1.75 (!!!!) into the machine and grabbed my bottle of water. Imagine my surprise when I found myself drinking some sort of artificially sweet fizzy grape watery substance. It seems that I had chosen a fancy new 'FlavorSplash'. How would I have known this? The bottles are identical except for the colour of the cap and a thin purple line at the top of the label. grrr. Had someone taken a picture of my face when I took the first gulp, they would be able to blackmail me forever. It was disgusting. I then had to spend another $1.75 to get some actual water because the other was undrinkable. Would it be so difficult to put some food colouring in the fake water so we can distinguish? There should be a law. Maybe I should start to lobby for this. I'm sure people have lobbied for less.



RainyBow note: Aspartame. Ugh. I too prefer regular water. And it's crazy how much water costs. But in the vein of your last post, I'd like to say that I find it crazy that more than 40% of the world's water delivery systems have been privatized. I know that a lot of government services are mismanaged--I used to work for local government and I have lots of stories--but the idea of private companies trying to maximize their profit from water delivery also leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Water is the basis of all life and access to some clean water supply should be a basic human right. Isn't that statement obvious? I've seen lots of stories about terrible things that happen when water supplies are privatized. So upsetting.

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