Thursday, September 20, 2007

movie classics

Yesterday, I flew to another city for the day to attend a meeting. On the plane, each seat had a personal touch screen with the normal menu of music, movies, tv, games etc. I was interested in the UI of the system because of something I am doing at work (geeky, I know), so I started playing around with all of the options.

In the movie section, there were a few genres, one of which was 'classics'. I love classic movies so I touched the screen expecting to see something like Gone With the Wind, Casablanca, or perhaps, Bridge Over the River Kwai.

The system presented me with the following two (and only two) classics:

I am not making that up. I cannot, in any way, imagine how either one of these movies could be considered classics. It's possible I am stupid but I'm open to suggestions.



RainyBow note: Forget The Bells of St Mary's and It's a Wonderful Life; I can't wait to curl up under a blanket and eat Christmas treats with my family this year over this great new selection of classics. Thanks for the tip!

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