Wednesday, September 5, 2007

understatement of the night

I am always amazed at the inane comments made by sportscasters. For the most part, I find their commentary craptastic. (Yes, I made that word up, what's your point?) My favourite sound bite of the night is this:

The numbers are not with Andy Roddick tonight.

lmao. No shit, Sherlock. He's playing FEDERER. Federer has won 13 out of their 14 matches. Federer is probably the best tennis player ever to have played the game. The only way Roddick is going to win this match is if Federer breaks an ankle or a wrist. Sorry, but it's the truth. He doesn't lose. Well, he loses to Nadal (hot hot hot) but that's not what we're talking about here.

OMG, Federer just said the funniest thing in the pre-game interview: I've had some tough ones the last two (matches). I lost a set both times .

Pobrecito. Clearly, losing a set is tough times for him cause he's not used to playing more than three. Perspective is everything.

While I'm on the subject of tennis, why does Oracene Williams wear her sunglasses for a night game? In fact, why do any of these rich and useless people wear sunglasses in the evening? Drives me crazy.



Complaint Department Manager said...

Wow, you can watch tennis on TV? I tried and got A.D.D. after a while. It's cool that there are other sports out there that are getting more attetion than the usual suspects. The one beef I have with these matches being shown on USA is that it postponed Burn Notice for a few weeks, that show's got me hooked...see, I have A.D.D.

complain away said...

I watch select Grand Slam matches on tv. By select, I mean that either Federer or Nadal have to be playing and preferably both at the same time. Other sports are some kind of psychological torture though I am fascinated by the weird sports of the Olympics. I have no idea what Burn Notice is and I'm too lazy to google it right now. I'll have to take your word for it.