Tuesday, September 4, 2007

i just need an iced tea

Yesterday I was driving around with the dogs when all of a sudden I was hit with the thirst to end all thirsts. As I happened to be passing by a McDonald's, I pulled into the drive through to order an iced tea. There was a VW Bug in front of me at the speaker and the occupants took forever to order. When I say forever, I actually mean a full 7 minutes. How does it take 7 minutes to order something at McDonald's? There weren't 6 screaming kids in the car, just two adults. Were they unclear as to what is offered at this particular establishment? Were they vegetarians who were searching aimlessly for something to eat? Newsflash...not so vegetarian friendly.

Seriously, why so long? All I wanted was an iced tea and I was stuck. Couldn't go forward, couldn't go back. After I ordered, I pulled up to the first window to pay and the guy asked me to move to the other window to get my iced tea. I just about had a meltdown. Clearly, if the peeps in front took so long to order, whatever they had ordered was going to take just as long or longer to come out. I actually had to ask the guy to give me my iced tea at the first window. I'm sure this broke some cardinal rule or something cause he wasn't looking like he felt comfortable getting me an iced tea. That'll teach me to get thirsty when I'm not at home.


RainyBow note: Perhaps these people weren't just vegetarians, but were environmentally-active vegetarians trying to turn you off drive-through fast food for life. I've often considered harrassing people who idle their engine in a crazy long line to get a coffee when they can just park the car, walk for about a minute to the counter to order in person and walk back out with their coffee. And drive through banking?! Not to mention the gym near my house that's on the second floor, accessible by escalator. Yes, escalator. Natural exercise (the stairs) must pale in comparison to the artificial kind inside. Seriously, people, do North Americans still know how to walk? And are there still people in the world who aren't sure why there's a big obesity crisis?!

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