Sunday, November 4, 2007

scraping the bottom of the reality barrel

Today, I was surfing Sunday afternoon television and happened upon a dating show which featured a bisexual woman looking for love among a bunch of straight men and lesbians. The men and women are competing against each other to be the last man/woman standing. Does it get much worse than this?

At one point, the men had to prove they had a feminine side by parading around in high heels (note: men in high heels are not so attractive), and the women had to prove their strength and manliness by doing pushups. Riveting television, I tell ya. There was even a guy - competing with lesbians for the love of a bisexual, don't forget - who is still a virgin because his beliefs won't allow him to have sex before marriage. I'm not sure how he reconciles his beliefs with what's happening on this program but I'm sure a good confession will take care of that.

If I recall correctly, I think there was even a reality show where a bunch of men competed for the love of a transexual woman, except that they didn't know she used to be a man. The winner found out at the end. Wow.

I really wonder what these people go on these shows for. Clearly, they are not serious about looking for love. Is it the 15 minutes of fame that is appealing? Is it the possibility of winning some kind of monetary prize? I'm not sure how much money it would take to get me on one of these shows. Come to think of it, no amount of money would be enough.

It never ceases to amaze me how people are willing to degrade themselves to compete with 20 other people for a guy or a girl. It would make me feel so good to know that the guy I am dating is also dating 10 other people. And, you can't tell me they are not sleeping together either. Don't these people have any self respect?

You dodged a bullet, Rainy.



Anonymous said...

I think reality tv hit a new low this year with that dutch woman who had people competing on a show to get her kidney because she was dying from a brain tumor.

Was that a publicity stunt? I heard it might be. If so, it was a pretty good one because it caused such a furor.

complain away said...

Geez. I hadn't even heard of that one. Terrible.