Thursday, November 8, 2007

my car and/ or i need to up our cool factor by tomorrow

At work today I got a rather cryptic meeting invitation for tomorrow. Apparently I and/ or my vehicle (unclear) are to be part of some kind of photo shoot at 4pm tomorrow. The photo will be of young hipsters in a cool car using a new product.

I am somewhat perplexed.

I'm guessing that I have not been chosen for my youth or my hipness since neither one is exactly off the charts these days.

But I also find it hard to believe that my car was chosen for its cool factor. While I sometimes get stopped by guys who want to talk about it, generally they're either:
a. old guys who think it's a nifty way to hit on a cute, younger girl, or
b. really young guys who think it's an awesome way to meet their Mrs. Robinson, or
c. freaky guys who are into tires, since I'm such an aficionado of gadgets that my tires cost about what one would need to pay a team of anthropologists, artists and sewing gods to recreate Joseph's amazing technicolor dreamcoat.

Right now my car contains the following items: dirty running shoes, my bike repair kit, my F-bomb air freshener, hiking boots, a camping chair, several blankets, boxes and boxes of kleenex, a wide variety of snacks and a yoga mat. About the only mildly cool thing about my car right now is the Justin Timberlake CD in the stereo, and even that's pretty questionable.

And right now my likely outfit for work tomorrow comprises a pair of jeans and a sweater.

Must rethink my options. Sunny, I promise not to go as far as the two-inch skirt, the boots that look like fat cats and the fake medusa Barbie hair that we saw on that chick last night.


RainyBow update: My car and I are now superstars. V. exciting.

Before you go off being even mildly impressed, I should add that my car was always meant to be the star; I, however, was not. The younger, hipper woman who was the chosen talent didn't show. Since I was just standing there looking all forlorn, my moment of glory kicked in.

Sadly, I know several people who would now be able to die happy in my shoes. Even more sadly, I went on a date with one of them once.


Emory said...

Alright, so I am not interested in your youth or your hip size but I 'gots' to know.

What is this transportation appliance?

A Citroen DS, or a 2VC perhaps. Maybe a Koenigsegg.

Anonymous said...

Emory is back! I started reading this blog because I found S&R amsuing but the addition of Emory has made it even better.

I was beginning to worry that there had been some kind of dispute. If so, I'm glad you made up but can one of you please complain about it?

complain away said...

Emory, my car is a custom-made hybrid of all three. How ever did you know?

Anonymous, this comment is most fantastic. As for the dispute, it is indeed a good story. Keeping in line with complainaway's frequent and offensive gender assumptions, I temporarily believed Emory to be of the female persuasion.

Man, was he pissed.

Emory said...

I travel extensivly one week per month. So, like a submariner, I will disppear every now and again.

Not sure if it was me that had a gender neutral faux pas, but hey! we are all female during our parasite phase.

You know, that time when we zygotics embed in the nutrient wall, past our hosts 'Oh shyte I am late again' moment, and until the 'I'm 'Pregers' anouncements are telegraphed.

Not sure when we get colored coded; pink or blue. Although I am thankful for my mutation.

Afterall, my mother always said 'it is better to give than to recieve.' of course this was at Christmas, but I think it has other life applications, don't you?

Slide Rule could be tapped for that kind on detailed insight, me thinks.