Friday, November 30, 2007

want an icy stare?

Sunny can give you the goods on this one - I ignore other drivers on the road. Before you freak out and call the DMV, hoping to get my license revoked, that doesn't mean I don't pay attention to other cars, it just means that I don't look at who's in them. After years of lewd gestures from truck drivers and teenagers, I started to drive in my own world. Because of this, friends and relatives commonly drive beside me for miles and I have no clue.

This morning, crawling in my car to work (people keep telling me that I commute against traffic, but I have yet to see that), I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye. Thinking someone needed to change lanes, I looked over, ready to wave him or her in. Mistake. Some guy had his Treo out and his window lowered, and was gesturing to me to lower mine too.

What, did you want to beam me your business card? See if I can fix the problem you've been experiencing with wireless email? Show me the latest photos of your child? Or maybe you just wanted to show off your latest high score on snood?

I'm the first one to admit that commuting is boring, but I wish people would find ways to amuse themselves that don't involve me.



Emory said...


And Snod! Where in the world did you find a game called Snod.

That poor shlum, sharing a little of his early morning light and love with you. Only to be flamed and cinged by his own profoundly overestimated eruditeness, at the hands of a demure.

This is a classic post. Love it!

E <-- goes to master Snod, in vain glorious hope of capturing RainyBows affection, and win her beam.

complain away said...

lol--and cringing at the same time. Sadly, I myself was addicted to snood a few years back. My only excuse is boring meetings. I never got very good at it, which (thankfully) made the addiction brief. Since I'm always impressed by people who are good at stuff I can't do, the high scores would probably get my attention, at least briefly.

But if I were you, I'd still be praying to the quattro fromaggi pasta gods!

Complaint Department Manager said...

I too have never heard of Snood. When I get some free time in the next week I may get the skinny on it.
As for your driver admirer, maybe he wanted your number, perhaps??? I've only had that happen to me a few times and that was the case.
When it comes to looking at people as you pass them, I'm not one to shy away, I'm a high level sage in the War of Middle-Finger Warcraft.

complain away said...

Well, high level sage, if I do see your vehicle (I am well aware of what it looks like!), I'll be sure to issue a preemptive strike.

Hope you rocked on the papers & exams.