Wednesday, November 7, 2007

no tea for me

This afternoon, I stopped into a Starbucks to get a mint tea. I was cold and I just wanted something to warm me up.

I ordered a grande tea and the barista gave me an odd look. She then told me that they were out of grande lids. This would not do as I was driving to the office and have a talent for spilling things when I am stationary. Lidless tea in transit would be a disaster.

Fine. I asked for a tall instead and got the look again. 'We're out of tall cups.' So, to recap, no grande lids, and no tall cups. Basically, I was s.o.l. She offered a short, but what good is a gulp of tea?

It's November. Hot drinks are necessary. Get it together.


RainyBow note: Someone sent me this a while ago. I think it's appropriate, given your bitterness toward the chain right now.

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Emory said...

No tea for me either! As a ex pat Brit you would think I would worship 'the tea,' the way my older bro does back on 'auld sod.'

NO! Part of my devolution was replacing the leaf, with the bean.

Besides, I like my oppressed field hands to scream out in Toltec or Mayan, and not Ceylonese, when put to the lash. Sound carries further at altitude too.

*puzzeled as to the native tongue of Sri Lanka... decides not to bother looking it up, as it would look like graffiti to him anyway*

Stay toastie, and bring your'e own mug next time. Your cutting into my habitats!